Assassination (Korean Movie)

Assassination (Korean Movie. Set in the 1930s, an assassination plot takes place. The assassination plot is intended to take out a pro-Japanese group. Yeom Seok-Jin (Lee Jung-Jae ) is an agent from the interim government. He plans out the assassination plot and gives order to An Ok-Yoon (Gianna Jun ). An Ok-Yoon is a deadly sniper and she works with Soksapo (Cho Jin-Woong ) and Hwang Deok-Sam (Choi Duk-Moon ). She takes on the mission due to her strong desire to see Koreas independence.

Meanwhile, Hawaii Pistol (Ha Jung-Woo ) is a contract killer. He and his partner Younggam (Oh Dal-Su ) are hired to take out An Ok-Yoon and her assassination team. Filming began August 27, 2014 in Shanghai, China and finished January 31, 2015 in Paju, South Korea.

The last scene filmed was a scene involving Ha Jung-Woo and Oh Dal-Su. On August 15, 2015, movie Assassination became the 12th South Korean film to surpass 10 million ticket sales at the South Korean box-office. Its also the first South Korean film to surpass 10 million ticket sales in 2015. Director Choi Dong-Hoon s previous film The Thieves also surpassed 10 million ticket sales.

XyazK Jun 21 2016 3:28 am This movie is great! At first the story line is a bit fussy i would say but that is just the character introduction and as the story goes by it will draw you into it. I recommend people out there to watch this. bluefin Dec 17 2015 2:33 pm i dont really interested in korean historical drama movies, but some have caught my attention like masquerade and roaring current.

this one is not as good as them but i do enjoy watching this movie and didnt fall asleep like when i watched gabi. what good about the movie is the storyline and the rich variety of the characters. at first it looks like a puzzle but it got connected as the plot goes. all actors and actresses are superb in their acting, the movie has enough action to depict the struggle of korean freedom fighters and their strategy to battle japanese troops and assassinate certain someones.

if this is based on the true event, i kinda want to know whatever happened to the survived main characters (or should i say survivor, because everybody dies. enjoyable but not memorable enough. Erenluffy Nov 08 2015 10:35 am Assassination movie is awesome! Be sure to watch it and vote the movie! Gianna Jun is magnificent and and impressive. J K Drummond Oct 14 2015 7:47 pm There is mention of an Irish boat leaving Korea for Shanghai.

Were there actually Irish boats in Asia during the late thirties? The assassin is told to escape on it very near the end of the film. This film is more enjoyable than the John Cussak movie, Shanghai, which is set in 1941 mostly before the Jap attack on Pearl Harbor and the Philippines on December 7th (Hawaiian time. abigailbasao Sep 21 2015 6:26 am i thought i would be bored in this movie but deym so good! i didnt want to watch my love from the star before but i wanna watch it now gianna jun omo.

i like her character here.

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